Discover the enchanting wonders of winter by embarking on an unforgettable adventure with our premium cross-country skis and snowshoes, conveniently available for rent at our specialized rental department. Whether you're a seasoned skiing enthusiast or a first-time snowshoer eager to explore the snowy landscapes, we've curated a wide range of equipment to rent to your every need.

Our top-notch cross-country skis are designed to provide optimal performance on diverse terrains, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride for individuals of all skill levels. From groomed trails to untouched snow-covered expanses, our skis are your ticket to exploring the pristine winter wonderland in style.

For those seeking a different kind of winter escapade, our snowshoes offer a unique and immersive experience. Whether you're traversing through powdery meadows or venturing into serene forests, our snowshoes are crafted for stability and ease, making them perfect for both novices and seasoned adventurers alike.


Our ski rentals include high-quality skis, comfortable boots, and reliable poles. We help you choose the right size for your skill level, and hit the trails with confidence.

Rental rates:

Daily rate: $25 ($15 additional day)

Weekend rate: $40

Weekly rate: $120


If you prefer a more grounded experience, our snowshoe rentals are perfect for trekking through snowy landscapes. Explore the winter wonderland with ease using our durable and efficient snowshoes.

Rental rates:

Daily rate: $18 ($12 additional day)

Weekend rate: $30

Weekly rate: $90


To ensure a smooth rental process, please note the following terms:

Security deposit:
A valid Visa card is required for all ski and snowshoe rentals. This serves as a security deposit in case of loss or damage to the equipment during your adventure.

Cleaning charge:
Keep the fun going without any hassle! We kindly ask our customers to return skis in good condition. There is a ski base cleaning charge of $10.00 for any skis brought back dirty.