At Overlander Sports, our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of your skiing experience. Our ski waxing and repairs service goes beyond routine maintenance – it's a skilled process designed to improve your performance on skis or snowboard.

Waxing is a crucial step in preparing cross-country or backcountry skis. Ski wax is applied to the base of the skis to reduce friction between the ski and the snow. This helps skiers achieve better glide, increased speed, and improved maneuverability. The type of wax used depends on various factors, including snow conditions, temperature, and skiing style. So whether you're tackling icy terrains or cruising through powder, we have the expertise to optimize your skis and snowboard for maximum glide and control.

When it comes to repairs, our skilled team is equipped to handle a range of issues. From edge damage to base gouges, we'll ensure your skis are structurally sound, giving you the confidence to tackle any slope with precision and agility.

Choosing Overlander Sports means choosing a service that understands the unique demands of winter sports. We're not just maintaining skis; we're enhancing your entire skiing experience. Let us deliver quality craftsmanship, so you can focus on carving through the snow!


Ensure your skis are in top condition for your snow adventures with our expert services. From basic cleaning to specialized waxing and wood ski treatments, we've got your equipment needs covered. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and get your skis and bindings prepared for an exceptional winter adventure.

Tune up 1: $30
(Base cleaning + 1 layer of glide wax + grip zone base preparation)

Tune up 2: $35
(Base cleaning + 2 layers of wax: universal, 1 fluor + grip zone base preparation)

Tune up 3: +5$
Graphite Wax (Nordic/Alpine)

Tune up 4: +5$
Perfomance Wax (Nordic)

Save 50% off base coat preparation when purchasing skis and bindings (together).


Where we cater to all your ski and snowboard maintenance needs. Our skilled craftsmen are here to ensure your equipment is in top-notch condition, ready to tackle any trail. Take advantage and explore our specialized services.

- Hourly labour rates: $75/hr

- Cross-country ski binding installation: $20
(Complimentary with any purchase of skis and binding together)

- Cross-country ski binding transfer: $20

- Ski repairs (with epoxy): $75/hr

- Cutting poles or changing baskets: $20
(Free with any purchase of poles)

- Camber testing: $10
(Free with any purchase of skis)

- Snowboard clean and wax: $40

- Snowboard edge tune: $40

* Grip zone base preparation only on classic skis.


To ensure a smooth waxing and repairing process, please note the following terms:

Service charges:
- Waxing and repair services are subject to a service charge, as outlined in our pricing list.
- If the cost of repairs surpasses the initial fee, we will seek consultation prior to proceeding with any additional repairs.

Customer responsibility:
- Customers are responsible for providing accurate information about their equipment and its condition.
- Any pre-existing damage should be reported before services begin.

- Our waxing and repair services come with a satisfaction guarantee.
- If you encounter any issues post-service, please contact us as soon as possible.

- Payment for waxing and repair services is due upon completion.