Where adventure meets tranquility on the water! Our canoe, kayak and SUP rental service is designed to provide you with the ultimate paddling experience. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a first-time explorer, we have the perfect watercraft for you.

Imagine gliding through serene waters, surrounded by nature's beauty, as you embark on a journey of discovery. Our fleet of well-maintained canoes, kayaks and SUPs are ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. From solo excursions to group outings, we cater to all preferences and skill levels.


Whether you're seeking a peaceful day on the water or a thrilling adventure with friends and family, our canoe and kayak rental service has something for everyone.

Create lasting memories, connecting with nature, and experience the joy of paddling with Overlander Sports. Book your canoe or kayak rental today and let the aquatic journey begin!

Rental rates:

1 week rate*: $400

2 week rate: $700

3 week rate: $900

4 week rate: $1100

 * 1 week is minimum


The Ally Canoe – a game-changer in portable paddling. This innovative canoe boasts a collapsible design, making it easy to transport and set up anywhere.

Its durable construction ensures stability on various waters, from serene lakes to gentle rapids. With adjustable seating and ample storage, the Ally Canoe combines convenience with top-notch performance. The Ally Canoe is your passport to adventure.

Rental rates:

1 week rate*: $500

2 week rate: $800

3 week rate: $1000

4 week rate: $1200

* 1 week is minimum

** Fly-in customers only

*** Prices include mandatory 2 hour assembly tutorial.


Explore the exciting experience of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) with our premium rentals. Our inflatable SUPs are perfect for all skill levels, and each rental includes a high-quality paddle and a comfortable life jacket.

Convenient and hassle-free, our SUP rentals are your ticket to a day of aquatic fun. Reserve your board today and discover the joy of gliding on the water today!

Rental rates:

1 day rate: $50

2 day rate: $85

3 day rate: $120

4 day rate: $145

5 day rate: $170

6 day rate: $190

7 day rate: $210


To ensure a smooth rental process, please note the following terms:

Security deposit:
A valid Visa card is required for all canoe, kayak and SUP rentals. This serves for the non-refundable deposit that is required for all canoe, kayak and SUP rentals. The deposit amount is 25% of total rental cost.

Additional info canoe and kayak rental:
- Canoe rentals come with a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) equipped with a whistle, bailer, paddles, throw bag, and painters.
- Kayak rentals include a PFD with whistle, paddle, paddle float, throw bag, spray skirt, and bilge pump.
- For an additional $20 flat rate, car top kits can be rented along with watercraft.
- Various accessories are available for rent, including a harness for $20 per week, a 60L barrel for $20 per week, and a canoe spray deck for $80 per week.

Additional info SUP rental:
- SUP rentals come with a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with whistle, paddle and SUP leash.
- Car top kits available to rent with SUP for $20 flat rate.

Lost or damaged equipment:
In the event of loss or damage to rental equipment for canoes, kayaks, or SUPs, customers are accountable for replacement costs as follows:

Canoe paddle:
- Economy: $40
- Standard: $50
- High End: $60-$100

Kayak paddle:
- Economy: $40
- Standard: $50
- High End: $60-$100

SUP paddle:
- $220-$300

- PFD (Personal Flotation Device): $90
- Throw bag: $50
- Painter: $30
- Canoe/kayak car top kit: $60
- SUP car top kit: $100
- Strap (1): $25
- Canoe foam block (1): $8
- Canoe spray deck: $1200
- Kayak spray skirt: $150

Please note that the provided prices are applicable to equipment that Overlander Sports can replace with in-store stock. If replacement equipment needs to be ordered, the client is responsible for the additional cost of shipping and handling.