Overlander Sports takes pride in offering top-notch bike service and repairs, ensuring that your two-wheeled companion receives the care it deserves. Our skilled technicians are passionate cyclists themselves, understanding the importance of a well-maintained bike for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Whether you're an avid mountain biker, a city commuter, or a casual rider, our bike service and repair team is equipped to handle a wide range of issues. Our dedicated bike mechanic has successfully completed the certified bike mechanic diploma program at the prestigious United Bicycle Institute. Additionally, they hold the certificate program of professional repair and shop operation, demonstrating a high level of skill and knowledge in the field.

At Overlander Sports, we prioritize quality and attention to detail in every service we provide. We use high-quality components and follow industry best practices to ensure the longevity and performance of your bike. Our goal is not only to fix existing problems but also to conduct preventive maintenance, helping you avoid potential issues in the future.

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Basic tune-up: $60

- Recommended for cyclists before every riding season.
- Includes front & rear derailer adjustments, front & rear brake adjustments, torque all nuts and bolts to manufacturer’s specifications, fill tires, headset adjustments, clean & lubricate chain.

Full tune-up: $120

- Recommended for cyclists who have had no service with constant riding.
- Includes front & rear derailer adjustments, front & rear brake adjustments, torque all nuts and bolts to manufacturer’s specifications, fill tires, clean & lubricate chain, front & rear hub adjustments, front & rear wheel lateral trueing, bottom-bracket adjustments, & headset adjustments.

Overhaul tune-up: $175

- Recommended for bikes found at the bottom of Frame Lake.
- Includes front & rear derailer adjustments, front & rear brake adjustments, torque all nuts and bolts to manufacturer’s specifications, fill tires, clean & lubricate chain, front & rear wheel lateral trueing, front & rear hub overhauls (new grease, new ball-bearings, and adjustments), bottom bracket overhauls on adjustable bottom-brackets, headset overhauls.

Torque specification check & tire inflation: $25

- Recommended for bikes purchased elsewhere or bikes that have recently been reassembled.
- Includes torqueing of all bolts & ensuring tires are properly inflated.

Bike assembly or disassembly in box: $65

- Recommended for people who have recently moved or are moving and need their bike reassembled or disassembled and packaged.
- All new bikes purchased from Overlander Sports include free assembly.
- Assembly includes building bike & basic tune-up.
- Disassembly includes taking bike apart and boxing so that it is ready to be shipped.

Tire inflation: FREE


- Standard labour charge: $10

- Hourly rate: $75

- Assemble from box: $65

- Assemble “custom build”: $120

- Box for shipping: $65


- Small bolt-on accessory installation: $10

- Computer with or without cadence: $25

- Rack: $20 (starting at)

- Fenders: $20 (starting at, each)

- Pedals: $10

- Seats: $10


- Bottom bracket adjustment: $20

- Bottom bracket installation: $30

- Bottom bracket overhaul: $30

- Cassette/free wheel installation: $15

- Chain installation: $15

- Chain tensioner installation: $20

- Chain ring installation: $35

- Crank set installation: $35

- Single speed conversion: $50

- Pedal re-threading: $25 per crank arm *

* does not include part cost


- Brake adjustments: $15

- Rim brake installation: $25

- Brake cable/housing installation: $20/brake

- Brake pad installation: $10/brake

- Mountain bike, brake lever installation: $30

- Road bike, brake lever installation: $45

- Brake rotor installation: $20

- Hydraulic/mechanical disc brake installation: $35

- Hydraulic brake bleed: $35


- Derailleur adjust: $20 per unit

- Derailleur installation: $30

- Cable and/or housing installation: $20/deraileur or brake

- Hanger installation/adjustment: $25

- Mountain bike shifter installation: $30

- Road bike shifter installation: $45


- Fork installation: $55

- Crown race installation (off bike): $15

- Star nut installation (off bike): $10

- Steer tube cut (off bike): $15

- Rear shock installation: $25

- Fork overhaul/rebuild: upon request


- Handlebar cut: $20

- Mountain bike handlebar installation: $20

- Road bike handlebar installation: $50

- Aerobar installation: $20

- Handlebar tape (does not include cost of tape): $25

- Mountain bike & BMX grips: $10

- Headset adjustment: $10

- Headset installation: $40

- Headset overhaul: $35

- Stem installation: $15


- Front/rear hub adjustment: $15

- Front or rear hub overhaul: $40

- Free hub body installation: $40


- Tire/tube installation: Starting at $15

- Rear wheel installation including tire, tube & cassette: $30

- Front wheel installation: $20

- Wheel trueing: Starting at $25

- Spoke replacement, rear wheel (includes trueing): Starting at $35

- Spoke replacement, front wheel (includes trueing): Starting at $30

- Custom wheel build: Starting at $100 per wheel


To ensure a smooth bike service, please note the following terms:

Service charges:
- Bike service and repairs are subject to a service charge, as outlined in our pricing list.
- If the cost of repairs surpasses the initial fee, we will seek consultation prior to proceeding with any additional repairs.

Customer responsibility:
- Customers are responsible for providing accurate information about their equipment and its condition.
- Any pre-existing damage should be reported before services begin.

- Our bike service and repair services come with a satisfaction guarantee.
- If you encounter any issues post-service, please contact us as soon as possible.

- Payment for bike service and repair is due upon completion.