The beating heart of Overlander Sports, our staff! Behind every innovation and success story, there's a group of passionate individuals driving the mission forward. Here's a glimpse into the diverse talents and personalities that make up our exceptional team. From athletic leaders to our creative hikers, each member brings a unique flair to the table. Continue reading as we introduce you to the faces behind Overlander Sports!


Meet Jordan, the co-owner of Overlander Sports, coming from the lively border city of Windsor, Ontario. Life's journey led him to Yellowknife in the winter of 2012, and he's been an integral part of the community ever since.

In the dynamic surroundings of Overlander Sports, Jordan plays a pivotal role as co-owner alongside his wife, Aislinn. As the buyer for sporting goods and fitness gear, he ensures that the store offers top-notch products to cater to every adventurer's needs.

Beyond Overlander Sports, Jordan's passion extends to spending quality time with his family. Whether he's biking through scenic landscapes, shooting hoops on the basketball court, or dedicating time to personal fitness, Jordan embodies an active and vibrant lifestyle. With a passion for an active lifestyle, Jordan is not just a co-owner but a driving force behind the spirit of Overlander Sports.

Jordan can be reached via email at


Say hi to Aislinn, a born & raised Yellowknifer with deep roots in the community. Aislinn's journey with Overlander Sports is not just professional but also a family legacy.

As the co-owner of Overlander Sports alongside her husband Jordan, Aislinn stepped into the shoes of her parents, Bill and Sandra, who initially established the store. Her role goes beyond the day-to-day operations; Aislinn is the heartbeat of the business, managing the bulk of buying, and administrative tasks such as payroll, advertising, and donations with finesse.

Her adventurous spirit doesn't stop at the store or home; Aislinn loves to ski, snowshoe, camp, hike, garden, and attend fitness classes at the Racquet Club. Whether navigating the administrative landscape of Overlander Sports, or enjoying the great outdoors with her family, Aislinn's commitment to the community make her a cornerstone of Overlander Sports!

Aislinn can be reached via email at


Meet Mika, our adventurer from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. In 2016, she drifted her way to Yellowknife after an exhilarating hitchhiking journey through Canada, and we have been lucky enough to have her at Overlander Sports ever since!

As our buyer for outdoor and camping gear, Mika curates a selection that reflects her passion for exploration. She also takes charge of canoe rentals and ensures that our branded items meet the highest standards.

Outside of the store, Mika indulges in her favorite hobbies, including skiing down snowy trails, camping and exploring new destinations, and embarking on scenic hikes. Her love for the outdoors is not just a job requirement; it's a way of life that she shares with everyone she meets. Mika may seem unassuming, but make no mistake, she is the most hardcore adventurer in the shop!

Mika can be reached via email at


Introducing Erik, our explorer whose love for adventure originates from Barrie, Ontario. In 2021, he ventured to Yellowknife, with 13+ years of outdoor retail expertise he immediately found his place at Overlander Sports.

As the assistant store manager, Erik oversees the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities with a keen eye for detail. But Erik is not just a manager; he's a hands-on enthusiast when it comes to bikes. From selling them to repairing them, his expertise shines all the way through.

Outside the store, Erik's life revolves around his two faithful companions, Spots and Astrid. His dogs aren't just pets; they're family, joining him in every adventure. Whether it's skiing through rugged landscapes, paddling through vast waters, or camping under the stunning northern skies. But that's not all, no matter the circumstances, Erik is always up for a run, always accompanied by his ever-energetic four-legged friends. His dedication to both his professional responsibilities and personal adventures embodies the spirit of Overlander Sports!

Erik can be reached via email at


Introducing Kalie, our adventurer from the rugged landscapes of Newfoundland. In 2018, she boldly traded the Atlantic coast for the northern charms of Yellowknife.

Kalie's journey with Overlander Sports has been nothing short of remarkable, having quickly become an indispensable member of the team. As the guardian of warranties, Kalie stands as the reliable pillar ensuring that every Overlander Sports customer experiences seamless and worry-free adventures.

As the long summer nights unfold, she finds joy in trips on her kayak. Adding to her adventures, Kalie's furry companion, Athena, is an inseparable part of her life. Kalie shares a unique talent with colleague Matthew – solving a Rubik's Cube in just 30 seconds. As our warranty guardian, she ensures your Overlander Sports experience is backed by trust and reliability!

Kalie can be reached via email at


Meet Mike, our versatile team member from the heart of Ontario, who embarked on a northern journey that brought him to the beautiful landscapes of Yellowknife in 2017. His initial taste of the northern life was experienced in the charming town of Cambridge Bay.

Mike plays a pivotal role as our technical expert with 30+ years of experience in different aspects. Whether it's waxing skis to perfection or mending bikes with precision, Mike's expertise shines through, ensuring that our equipment is always in top-notch condition for our customers.

Mike is not only a skilled technical expert at Overlander Sports but also a passionate Ultimate Frisbee player with national and international experience. His love for the outdoors is evident through activities like camping, kayaking, and hiking, showcasing his enthusiasm for nature. With his dedication to his craft and multi-faceted personality make him a valuable member of our team!

Mike can be reached via email at


Get to know K'a, a true adventurer with roots in the captivating landscapes of Oregon, USA. His journey to the northern wonderland began in 2002 when his family made the move back to Yellowknife.

Fast forward to today, and K'a has become an integral part of Overlander Sports. For over three years, he has been our go-to guy, from canoe rentals to advising on skis. K'a's wealth of knowledge and friendly approach make him the perfect guide for anyone seeking expert advice.

K'a's passion for outdoor pursuits is not just a job. When he's not helping customers find the perfect gear at Overlander Sports, you'll find him carving his own path through the snow-covered landscapes on a pair of snowshoes or maneuvering a skidoo with skill and speed. His love for the thrill of the hunt and sharing the joys of camping under the vast northern skies. With his spirit for exploration, and dedication to customer service, he ensures that you will make the most of your outdoor pursuits!


Meet Kris, our adventurer from the picturesque town of Beamsville, Ontario. In 2023, Kris embarked on a thrilling adventure by relocating to the heart of the Canadian North - Yellowknife.

At Overlander Sports, Kris assumes the role of a seasoned expert at the service counter, specializing in bike repairs and providing invaluable advice on cycling. With a passion for cycling coursing through his veins, Kris ensures that every customer receives not just a product but an experience tailored to their adventurous spirit.

Outside of the shop, Kris is an avid outdoors enthusiast. Hiking across the rugged landscapes, biking through challenging trails, and casting a line into calm waters for a day of fishing are just a few of Kris's favorite pastimes. Accompanying him on these escapades are his faithful companions, Bailey and Fox. His knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in every interaction, ensuring that customers always leave with the right gear!


Let us introduce you to Matt, originally from the charming city of Kingston, Ontario, Matt embarked on a journey that led him to the vibrant landscapes of Yellowknife in 2017, leaving the prairies of Manitoba behind.

Since joining Overlander Sports in 2022, Matt has become an important part of our team, specializing in team sports, with a keen focus on hockey. If he's not assisting customers in the store, you'll likely find him in the repair shop, perfecting skates for the ultimate performance on the ice.

As winter blankets Yellowknife in a layer of snow and ice, you can find him skating across the ice rinks, showcasing his passion for hockey. When the summer sun fills the skies, Matt trades his skates for hiking boots and camping gear, immersing himself in the natural wonders that surround Yellowknife. With his friendly demeanor, and genuine passion for sports he's an important part of our team!


Meet Cooper, a true Yellowknife local who calls our northern city home. Born and raised amidst the scenic landscapes, Cooper's journey with Overlander Sports began with plans to start in the warehouse. However, his passion for sports, particularly hockey, quickly propelled him into the store where he now thrives as a sales associate in the team sports department.

Within Overlander Sports, Cooper is our go-to hockey expert, providing customers with valuable insights and enthusiasm. When he's not assisting in the store, you'll find him enjoying the great outdoors through camping or embracing his love for hockey during the winter months. In the summer, Cooper showcases his athleticism on the fastball field.

With his deep roots in Yellowknife and a passion for sports, Cooper brings a unique and hometown touch to our team. Whether he's helping customers find the perfect gear or hitting the ice, Cooper is an integral part of Overlander Sports.


Say hello to Matthew, a true Yellowknifer through and through. Born and raised in Yellowknife. Matthew has been an integral part of Overlander Sports for over two years, proving that age is just a number when it comes to dedication and hard work.

Beyond the walls of Overlander, Matthew is a formidable force on the ice. As the proud assistant-captain of the St. Patrick Hockey Team he embodies both leader and sportsmanship. Off the ice, Matthew enjoys the world of music, with SZA as one of his favorite artist. In case you were ever going to challenge him to a Rubik's Cube contest, be prepared for a quick defeat – Matthew can solve it in a remarkable 30 seconds.

As one of the two Matts within Overlander, he has become a jack of all trades within the team. From assisting customers with a warm smile to handling various tasks around the store, Matthew's versatility shines through. One of many reasons that make him a valuable member of our team!