In the heart of a small city, Overlander Sports has been an integral part of the community for an impressive 40 years. Widely known as "Overlanders," the store has not only been a retail hub for sports gear but has also actively participated in sponsoring community events, creating a legacy that goes beyond commerce!

SINCE 1983

Founded and tirelessly managed by the dynamic husband-and-wife team, Sandra and Bill Stirling, Overlanders is more than just a store; it's a cherished memory for generations. From childhood adventures to adult pursuits, the store has been a constant companion for customers, offering not just products but a unique experience. The couple's dedication to the business goes beyond expectation; they actively contribute, from mopping the floors to working the till, embodying the ethos of hard work and humility.


Sandra, a Renewable Resources Technology graduate and former government worker, unexpectedly found herself managing the largest sporting goods store in the Northwest Territories. During maternity leave, she was approached by a local business-man to fill a gap in the market by opening a sporting goods store. Despite lacking retail and business experience, Sandra took the gamble, using her superannuation money to invest in the business. Her husband, Bill, joined later, bringing valuable sports knowledge.

The first few years were challenging, but Sandra navigated the business successfully through what she calls "the school of hard knocks." Overlanders, the store, stands out for its unique offerings, combining skate sharpening, bike repair, skateboarding, snowboards, shoes, and canoes all under one roof. Bill's extensive knowledge and Sandra's instincts contributed to the store's first 40 years of success.


Overlanders also distinguishes itself by giving back to the community, supporting various charitable groups & events, and provided space in their basement for the YK Food Bank for over a decade. The store's diverse inventory reflects its adaptation to Yellowknife's small population, where a one-stop-shop for sports and outdoor gear is rare. This is a necessity of their broad business model, and we realize that focusing solely on one category would be challenging given the city's limited market.


In December 2022, Bill & Sandra's daughter, Aislinn, along with her husband, Jordan purchased the family business, marking a new chapter in the family legacy. With this new husband and wife team at the helm, the torch is set to be carried forward. As Sandra and Bill transition into a well-deserved retirement, they pass on the reins with satisfaction, confident that the next generation will continue to uphold Overlander Sports as a cornerstone in the community.

The narrative of Overlander Sports transcends mere retail success; it is a story of family, community, and an enduring passion for sports and the outdoors. As the Stirling-Crosby family takes charge, the legacy built by Sandra and Bill will persist, leaving an indelible mark on the small city they call home.