In the heart of a small city, Overlander Sports has been an integral part of the community since 1983. Lovingly referred to as, "Overlanders," the family owned store has not only been a retail hub for sports gear but has also actively participated in sponsoring community events, creating a legacy that goes beyond commerce.

Originally owned by Sandra & Bill Stirling, the couple's daughter, Aislinn Stirling-Crosby, and her husband, Jordan Crosby, are now marking a new chapter in the family legacy. With this new dynamic duo at the helm, they aim to carry forward the legacy of Overlander Sports and serve the North.


The beating heart of Overlander Sports, our staff! Behind every innovation and success story, there's a group of passionate individuals driving the mission forward. Here's a glimpse into the diverse talents and personalities that make up our exceptional team.

From athletic leaders to creative hikers, each member brings a unique flair to the team. Continue reading as we introduce you to the faces behind Overlander Sports!


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