Ski Repairs & Waxing

We offer maintenance services for your skis and snowboards. (Cross-Country and Backcountry Skis).

In high season, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Base Tune Ups:

1. Base Cleaning + 1 Layer of Glide Wax + Grip Zone Base Preparation*  $30

2. Base Cleaning + 2 Layers of Wax: 1 Universal, 1 Fluor + Grip Zone Base Preparation*  $35

3. Pine Tar for Wood Skis   $50

Save 50% off base coat preparation when purchasing skis and bindings (together)

General Services & Repair

Hourly Labour Rates $75/hr
Cross-Country Ski Binding Installation  $20
with any purchase of skis and binding (together) free
 Cross-Country Ski Binding Transfer  $20
 Ski Repairs (with Epoxy) $75/hr
Cutting Poles or Changing Baskets  

with any purchase of poles 



Camber Testing $10
with any purchase of skis  free
Snowboard Clean and Wax $40
 Snowboard Edge Tune $40

* Grip Zone Base Preparation only on Classic Skis.