Harvest FoodWorks Dehydrated Meals


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Harvest Foodworks makes freeze-dried and dehydrated meals specially formulated for outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you’re biking, camping, caving, climbing, hiking, paddling, trekking or just hanging out in the wilderness, make sure you bring us along!

Technical Details

  • Suitable food is critical for successful outdoor adventure trips
  • Read on to discover the advantages of specialty products vs. standard grocery items
  • Your favourite outdoors store carries Harvest Foodworks specialty food products
  • Only finest quality ingredients from around the world
  • Separate components: main ingredients, sauce, spice
  • Largest serving size on the market: Compare!
  • Optimal ratio of carbohydrates and protein
  • Many low fat selections
  • Maximum nutritional value using complimentary vegetable proteins
  • Extended shelf life on most products-2 years with original freshness
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or additives
  • Vegetarian products which non-vegetarians can fully enjoy as a result of innovative use of soy ingredients providing full meat texture
  • Range of real meat side dishes which cater to the tastes of meat lovers

Meals like: CousCous Almandine, Garden Vegetable Stew, Cheesy Palak & Spinach Curry, Mushroom Soup, and the Ultimate Scrambled Eggs.