Q: Do I need to get my skates sharpened if they are brand new?
A: Yes. Blades are shipped after being cut in the factory before sharpening can occur. However, if you purchase your new skates at Overlander Sports your first sharpening is on the house!

Q: How often should I get my skates sharpened?
A: Personal preference comes into account but the standard recommendation is to have them sharpened after 15-20 hours of ice time. If you are skating on an uneven surface such as a pond or lake they will likely need to be sharpened again before skating in a rink.

Q: What type of grind should I get for my skates?
A: Most hockey players get the standard grind, which is 3/8. Some prefer more bite in the ice so they get a special grind of 5/16 or 1/4, while some prefer more glide and less bite so get ½ or 9/16. The standard for figure skates & goalie skates is 5/8 but can go to ½ if they want more bite in the ice or to 7/8 for more glide.

Q: Should I rocker my skates?
A: This is a decision that takes careful consideration. Each brand of skates has its own specific rocker. Bauer has a 9 foot rocker, CCM & Reebok have 10, and Graf has 11 foot rockers. In most instances we would not recommending changing the rocker of your blade unless you are switching brands. For example, you’ve skated on Bauer your whole life and switch to Graf and feel like your toes are dragging. We can change your Graf blades to a 9 foot rocker.

Q: Can I have my rivets tightened?
A: Tightening is usually a band-aid solution that doesn’t really fix the problem. We recommend just replacing the rivets so that they can last. Rivets can be purchased for $1, or copper ones for $1.50 each.

Q: Are all skates heat-mouldable?
A: No. Bauer, CCM & Graf have specific skates that can be put in an oven to be form fitted to your foot. If they are not made to be heated then we recommend against baking the skates as we don’t know how the materials will react.


Q: My skis say they are waxless, do I still need to wax them?
A: Yes. Waxless skis only indicate that the grip zone does not need grip wax. Glide wax is always needed for protection of the ski base and for ease of movement.

Q: How do I find the grip zone of my skis?
A: Grip wax should be applied every time you go skiing. We can show you your grip zone in the store. Bring your skis in and we can mark them so you will know every time! Your grip zone will change if you lose/gain weight.


Q: How do I know what size tube I need?
A: On your bicycle tire there are numbers (700 and then another number between 15-40c or 29 /26 x 1.5-2.5). The first number determines the tire diameter and the second determines the width). Use this number when picking out your box of tubes.

Q: What size bike do I need?
A: First determine what style of riding you are doing and the type of bike you will need. Generally we use the following equations: For road bikes (Inseam in cm x 0.67 = road bike size in cm). For measuring mountain bikes take (inseam in cm x 0.67 x 0.393 = mountain bike size in inches). For mountain bikes you should be able to stand over the bike and be able to lift both wheels off the ground about 2 inches.

Q: What type of bike should I get?
A: The answer to this question depends on the type of riding you are doing. If you are commuting to work and running errands a hybrid style bike with 700c wheels and basic components would be best suited. If you are using it for exercising or training a cycle-cross or road bike with drop bars and road bike components could be used. If you are trail-riding, a mountain bike with 26 or 29” wheels with front and/or rear suspension and heavier duty components would be best. Visit our bike experts to find out more!

Q: How often should I have my bike serviced?
A: It is generally recommended that you have your bike serviced before each riding season. If you ride all year it should be done every six months. For winter riders you should have your bike winterized with winter grease. If you only ride in the summer it should be serviced each spring. Regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your bike & its moving parts.

Q: What tire pressure should I ride at?
A: All tires have a minimum and maximum tire inflation recommendation. Most people fill their tires to the maximum. The best way to find the most comfortable ride is through trial and error. Some tires may need inflation after long rides.


Q: How do I know if my item is warrantied?
A: Every manufacturer has different warranty policies. Please refer to the company’s website or contact us by phone or email at warranty@overlandersports.com for more information.

Team & Workplace

Q: Is there a minimum number of uniforms required for team orders?
A: Yes, most brands require a minimum of 10 uniforms to place an order.