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Jupa Brand “Grow With Me” Technology

About Jupa: WE COMBINE FUN AND INNOVATION TO INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION Jupa designs high-end outdoor clothing allowing your children and teenagers to fully enjoy winter. Made to be put under strain, Jupa designs follow the next generation in their active lifestyle “Grow With Me” Tech Turn inside out Remove the “grow” stitches Legs &

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Osprey Pack & Reservoir Care and Maintenence

Packs Standard Maintenance + After each trip be sure to clean out your pack thoroughly. + Use mild soap, warm water and a soft brush to clean zippers often to prevent them from failing. + If your pack is wet, hang it to dry. + Loosen all the straps. + Wash your pack if dirt, sweat,

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Fjällräven G-1000 Material Guide

One of the world’s best outdoor fabrics G-1000 is Fjällräven’s own hardwearing and versatile fabric, a well-proven outdoor classic that will prepare you for all types of adventures, in all climates all year round – from the tropics to the polar regions. The densely woven fabric (65% polyester and 35% cotton of the highest quality)

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Petzl Headlamp Care and Repair Guide

Read the specific recommendations for each lamp in the Instructions For Use and follow the battery compatibility recommendations. Use Carry your headlamp in a specific pouch to protect the lens. After use, lock your lamp to avoid accidental switching on. The locking method is specific to each lamp. Optimize the life of rechargeable batteries Completely

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Easy Care Instructions for Gore-Tex Outerwear

Before laundering your garment, zip the front closure, pockets and pit zips completely, and fasten all flaps and straps. Be sure to follow the garment manufacturer’s instructions to ensure high performance.  WASH Machine wash on a warm permanent press cycle (105º F/40º C) using a small amount of liquid detergent. Rinse twice, minimize spinning to

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Cleaning & Waterproofing your Footwear

Overlander Sports is pleased to offer its customers the full line of Granger’s Products to help keep your footwear working better for longer. Their advanced proofers help keep the water out while conditioning and nourishing the leather, keeping your feet dryer and extending the life of your boots & shoes. How to clean using Granger’s

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Cleaning & Waterproofing your Outerwear

When you buy a new jacket it’s amazing how the water just runs off of it. This happens because of the durable water repellent treatment (DWR) that’s applied during manufacturing.  But dirt, oil and normal household detergents will, over time, mask the DWR, causing the outside of the jacket to absorb water, or what we

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Washing and Caring for Hockey Equipment

In our hockey-loving town your equipment has likely acquired a magnificent and special odour, a stench that would put an outhouse to shame. Don’t worry, we are here to help prevent your hockey equipment from stinking and tell you how to get the smell out if it’s too late for prevention. Stinky hockey equipment is

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Storing your canoe or kayak

If you are storing your boat inside you have nothing to worry about. If you are storing it outside there are a number of things you should take into consideration: It should be kept in the shade to reduce UV damage. It should also be kept off the ground to prevent it from freezing in

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Storing your sleeping bag

How you store your bag between trips affects its lifespan. When you arrive home from a trip, first air out the bag inside-out for a couple days to make sure it’s dry. Then store in a large mesh/cotton storage sack—often included when you purchase a sleeping bag, but also available separately. Do not store your

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