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How much camping fuel do I need?

Not enough gas? Eat more beans! or try these guidelines:

For liquid stoves in summer where you intend to boil water to prepare some meals we recommend 0.1 litre (4 oz.) per person each day. In wintertime, where you need to melt snow, the consumption will be 0.2 litres (8 0z.) and more per person each day.

For gas stoves we recommend 60 grams of gas (70/30 butane/propane) per person each day in summer, and 12o grams or more per person each day in winter.

** Please note consumption is only approximate and depends on what stove is being used, temperature, wind, altitude, humidity and much more.

Approximate energy levels in different fuels

  • White gas:10,630 kcal/kg, 44.5 Mj/kg
  • Kerosene: 10,270 kcal/kg, 42.9 Mj/kg
  • Diesel: 10,290 kcal/kg, 43.1 Mj/kg
  • Aviation fuel: 10,220 kcal/kg, 42.8 Mj/kg
  • LP-gas:11,900 kcal/kg, 49.8 Mj/kg
  • Spirits (wood alcohol, methyl hydrate): 7,130 kcal/kg, 29.9 Mj/kg

Here is a great article from our friends at MSR:

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