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Heads Up! Bike Helmet Safety Tips

A bike helmet can cut your child’s risk of a head injury by as much as 85%! Here are a few noggin’ tips on how to keep kids safe during your wetter spring season rides, long summer adventures or snow rip sessions.

  1. Kids’ heads are constantly growing, which means you need to check your child’s helmet at least once every season to make sure it fits properly, adjusting if necessary.
  2. A helmet should sit level on your child’s head with the chin strap snug enough that you can only fit one finger between it and your child’s chin.
  3. Make sure the helmet doesn’t move around when your child shakes his/her head.
  4. If it has any dents in it, toss it out. Even the smallest defect can affect the overall safety and performance of the helmet.
  5. Buy a helmet that’s certified. Look for a CSA (Canadian), CPSC, Snell, ASTM (American) or CEN (European) symbol.
  6. Don’t let your kids wear anything, such as a ball cap, underneath their helmets.

Be safe and happy riding!

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