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Camping Tips and Tricks

Love camping? We do, too. Like anything, camping takes some practice before you learn the ropes and the little tips and tricks that make it easier and more enjoyable.

Check out some of our favourites!

  • Stash a glow stick in a coloured Nalgene bottle for a little mood lighting in your tent, or hang a Petzl head-lamp or flashlight from the tent ceiling for more central lighting.
  • In order to keep your tent clean and tidy, take an old towel and spread it on the floor of the tent, just inside the entrance. If your tent has a vestibule, pack an old mat and lay that in front of the entrance, as well – it’s a good place to keep shoes and boots. A small whisk broom also comes in handy.
  • Always pack nylon rope, dental floss and Duct Tape. Nylon rope comes in handy for tying up food, tent support – even spare shoelaces! The dental floss can substitute for thin rope – a spare sunglass lariat, for example. Duct Tape is a quick fix for just about everything, from torn shoes to broken tent poles, to holding tablecloths down in the wind.
  • Wet socks? It’s not pretty, but sleep with them wrapped around your midsection. Your body heat and the warmth from your sleeping bag will dry them more effectively than the cold night air.
  • Sawdust in empty egg cartons, laundry lint and cottonballs coated in Vaseline make excellent fire-starters and a great way to turn your trash into biofuel!
  • Save empty prescription bottles and use them to store matches, batteries or your fire-starting cottonballs.  You can also purchase small Nalgene containers and canisters from us that come in a huge array of sizes.
  • Make all campfires well away from trees and any root systems – roots can catch fire. Be aware of local fire regulations and weather conditions, always keep a bucket of water handy, and remember: your fire isn’t truly out until you can sift through the ashes with your fingers.
  • Always take a light pair of shoes: they’re easy to wear around camp and your feet will appreciate the change from hiking boots.  A comfy pair of Sanuks are the perfect shoe for kickin’ around camp or to slip on when nature calls at 3 am.
  • Take a Frisbee: along with the usual Frisbee fun, flip it upside down to give dinner plates extra support.

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