Our website

Mobile Friendly

Our new website has been designed and developed in a way that ensures it will display properly on all internet enabled devices, including smart phones and tablets. Feel free to browse our website on your phone!

Online Product Catalogue

We currently only display a small sampling of our full product catalogue online. The goal is to give our customers a good idea of the types of products we sell and to feature some products from each of our product categories. We will be continually adding to our online product catalogue. We do not currently sell any products online.

Expert Advice

We have a section on our website where we will post expert advice articles. We’ll continually add new articles and make this a resource for our customers to learn and discover.

Email Newsletter

We’ve installed iPad kiosks on all of our retail counters where our customers can sign up for our email newsletter. Our website also has a form enabling customers to subscribe online. We’ll occasionally send emails to our subscribers that includes information about new products, promotions, expert advice and more!