Salomon XADV 69 Classic Grip Ski

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SKU: 889301.

Powder-loving yet easy-turning, the Salomon XADV 69 Grip Ski merrily goes along in all kinds of backcountry conditions. A patterned waxless base and ample 56-millimeter waist give you up-and-over brawn, and the full steel edge and carving sidecut grant you precision and speed control on snowy or icy downhill trails. Whatever may come in the variable, untamed wild, you can handle it.

  • Grip and turn construction features lightweight materials for maneuverability and fiberglass-reinforcement for torsional stiffness and control
  • Densowood core combines wood and foam core with tri-directional fiberglass laminate for light, responsive, low-profile ride
  • Posigrip scale pattern on the G2 waxless base provides consistent grip and smooth glide
  • BC carve cut sidecut features a wider radius for stability in soft snow
  • 56mm waist doesn’t discriminate: it loves both the packed-down and untracked
  • Full-length steel edge provides optimal control and turning ability

Only one set left: 192 cm