Fischer SC Universal Jr. Ski

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The Fischer SC Junior Universal Skis serve double-duty as a combination kids classic ski and kids skating ski. The Fischer SC JR Universal classic-skate skis are the ideal and economical choice for any young competitively inclined skier just learning the classical and skating techniques or is already strong, well skilled and ready to take part in after-school & kids weekend nordic racing programs and competing in classical cross country ski races and/or nordic skate racing events.

The Fischer SC Universal kids skis are very strong, durable and lightweight and will help youngsters quickly progess at both nordic disciplines using the same pair of skis! With features such as the Fisher Skis Air channel core for strength & light weight and Fischer Skis Ultra Tuning sintec base for excellent glide in all snow conditions, you simply will not find a better junior combi ski.

sidecut (width of skis): 41mm tip – 44mm waist – 44mm tail

Compatible with both SNS and NNN ski binding systems (Bindings not included!)

Recommended Use:
School age racers or those in childrens after-school programs & kids cross country ski leagues. Any child curious to try classic kick & glide and also skating technique or currently competitive children competing in classical cross country ski races and/or nordic skate racing events can do it all on this one pair of combi skis!

Fischer SC Universal Kids Classic-Skate Skis Highlights:

  • ULTRA TUNING BASE FINISH: unrestricted gliding; an offset base structure pattern makes these Fisher skis fast and ready for action on any terrain in all snow conditions for both classical kick & glide stride and skating technique
  • AIR CHANNEL CORE: 250 gram weight saving compared to conventional wood core skis thanks to air channels in the fibreglass/wood core; this design offers better resistance to breakage and better surface pressure distribution

Last set: Size 172 cm