Bauer Vapor 1x Shoulder Pads


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Designed to be our most advanced shoulder pad yet, the VAPOR 1X pads are the first and only to feature innovative Curv® composite with AEROLITE lightweight technology, resulting in advanced impact protection without slowing down a player’s movement and agility.

Feather Light. Armor Tough.

Move faster with the integration of Curv® composite and AEROLITE technology increasing protective properties in key impact zones while reducing overall weight.

Evaporate The Competition

While some pads merely wick moisture, 37.5® Technology along with the new transfer mesh accelerates the evaporation of sweat process by maximizing airflow through the equipment in key heat zones.

Free To Move

Stickhandle and shoot more freely with the segmented Free Flex bicep guard and 4-way Free Flex chest, dispersing impacts without restraining movement.

Technical Details
  • VAPOR Shoulder Pad Fit: This tapered fitting shoulder pad narrows toward the abdomen, providing the protection players need without sacrificing quickness or mobility.
  • Overall Fit: Tapered
  • Free Flex Components: 4-way Free Flex chest, Free Flex bicep guard and arch support
  • Base Body: Multi-segmented design with flex panels
  • Liner: Transfer mesh with 37.5® Technology