Our Staff

The staff at Overlander Sports are outdoor addicts! Each one of our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, so you can expect high quality customer service every time you visit our store.

Sandra Stirling

Owner & Manager

Sandra is the original owner of Overlander Sports which she and some partners started in 1983. Now, she and Bill are co-owners and she does the day to day administrative and buying, you can occasionally find her on the sales floor. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, cross country skiing, paddling, and spending time with family.

Bill Stirling

Co-owner and General Manager

Bill is co-owner of Overlander Sports along with Sandra. When not at work, you may find him on the ski or portage trail.

Gary Tait

Assistant Manager

Gary was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta, but has made Yellowknife his home for over 19 years. His passions other than his family are cycling, camping, and learning about new technology.

He is back for another go around at Overlander Sports after a 5 year absence, having worked here previously from 1995 until 2008. And boy are we glad to have him back!

Jordan Crosby

Sales Associate/ Team & Institutional Sales

Jordan has been in Yellowknife since February 2012 when he moved from from Windsor, ON.  He spends his time making music, watching and playing football, basketball & working on personal fitness.  Jordan also volunteer coaches the the Senior Boys’ Sir John Falcons basketball team in his spare time. If you are looking to place any team or workplace orders Jordan is your man.

Aislinn Stirling

Buyer, Sales Associate, Payroll Administrator, Website Administrator, & Communications Coordinator

Aislinn has a background in Political Science but ditched the desk to help out with the family business. She describes Overlanders as not only her place of work but it was also her daycare, after school program, and first job while growing up.  When she’s not in the store she spends her time gardening, cooking, skiing, playing with her crazy dog, Layton, and she also teaches yoga at Collective Soul Space. Aislinn is also the point of contact for any community groups seeking a donation from Overlander Sports.

Ariel Lau

Sales Associate & Director of Mayhem

Ariel has a background in neuroscience, biology, psychology, as well as environmental science but for some reason this genius has chosen to work here (lucky us!). On the rare occasion that she has spare time, Ariel enjoys hiking and chowing down on gourmet meals. She enjoys cross country skiing in the winter as well as yoga and long distance running. She’s a Jill of all trades and can help you with just about anything when you pop into the store!

Aaron Perrott

Shop Manager

Aaron is an outdoor loving guy who likes to make things work properly. If it’s broken or out of adjustment, he needs to make it right! A long history of riding and racing bicycles in the woods has helped to hone his craft. When not in the back shop at Overland Sports, Aaron is usually out on the land practicing bushcraft skills or hunting and fishing for country food. Sundays will find him at church with his wife. Playing a few different instruments, drawing, and learning new things are a few of the many past times Aaron enjoys in his spare time. If you like some good chaga tea, roast ptarmigan and a campfire next to the canoe, I’m sure you’ll strike up a good conversation together!

Susan Rohac

Sales Associate & Warranty Guru

Susan is our main contact at the store for any warranty issues. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through eating well, practising yoga, and exercising regularly, but she’s not afraid to indulge in the occasional gummy bear or fine chocolate. Susan has a quirky sense of humour which you might be witness to if you hang around Overlanders often enough!

Doug Coulter

Part-Time Sales Associate & Gear Guru

Doug is one of our longest-standing employees from his first day when we threw this lamb in with the lions at the 2001 Snow Show.  He holds his pilots license and enjoys kite skiing, kayaking, climbing and skiing. One of his most memorable adventures in the north was when he went on a climbing trip to Redcliff Island on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake.

Erika Ing

Website Administrator/Sales Staff

Sales Staff turned Website Administrator, you may see her from time to time on the floor and she is always available to help a customer in need! Erika has played almost every sport; from basketball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee to snowboarding, tennis and golf. Erika’s love for the outdoors and experience in the outdoor apparel and retail world makes her a great fit here at Overlander Sports.

Bill Hill

Part-Time Shop Technician

Resident Bike Wizard, Bill Hill, has been with Overlanders on and off for over a decade!  His special knowledge of bike, ski and skate repairs has been passed on to many junior shop-dwellers over the years.